Application Process

To be matched with internships, you must complete the following steps.
  1. Submit your SummerWorks application where you will be prompted for step 2.
  2. Create your password in the job seeker profile tool (hosted by LaunchPath).
  3. Using your job seeker profile, schedule to attend a work readiness training.
    (NOTE: this step is not required for 2017 SummerWorks successful work experience completers that have a badge in their job seeker profile.)
  4. Complete work readiness training.
  5. Using your job seeker profile, schedule to attend an internship hiring orientation.
  6. Attend internship hiring orientation.

During this process:
  • You will receive automated reminder emails/texts about next steps of the program.
  • You will be able to communicate by phone, email, or in-person with SummerWorks career coaches so they can answer any questions you may have.
  • Work readiness training will teach you the essential workplace skills that employers seek, like: appropriate social, communication, problem-solving, self-management and self-confidence skills. Additionally, SummerWorks career coaches will help you to fine-tune your job seeker profile for optimal job and internship matching.
  • Start your SummerWorks portfolio to record your summer internship experience. This workbook is a guide for you to gather information that will help to build on your resume and career plan. Additionally, this portfolio will document your growth and accomplishments while providing high school students the evidence to earn high school credit.
  • Internship hiring orientation is where SummerWorks career coaches help to prepare your payroll account and employee file. You will be required to comple your W-4 form for payroll tax purposes and I-9 forms to document employment eligibility in the United States.